Our firm helps people solve their problems. Whether the client is an individual or a multi-national corporation defending against a lawsuit, or a volunteer fire department facing a novel legal issue, our guiding principles are the same: We listen, ask, plan, and act.

We return telephone calls and e-mail quickly. We submit reports and budgets on our clients' schedules. Substantive case developments are reported immediately, along with our plan for response or action. We have the humility to embrace our clients' ideas and the courage to disagree when it is appropriate. When faced with ethical issues, we never fail to do what is right.

We have the resources and energy for total engagement through trial and appeal, but understand that economics and policy often necessitate exploration of early and continuing methods of alternative dispute resolution. Our goal is complete client satisfaction, and our hope is to form lasting relationships built on trust. We want to be the law firm against which you measure all others.

  Our Core Areas of
Practice Include:

- Construction Litigation
- Personal Injury Defense
- Products Liability Defense
- Termite/Pest Control Defense
- Commercial Litigation & Development
- Environmental Litigation
- Government Law
- Insurance Defense
- Premises Liability Defense
- Professional Liability
- Trucking & Transportation
- Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
- General Civil Litigation
Heather Coleman recently won a defense verdict for Wendy's on a claim of adulterated food. The case was tried before a Dorchester County, South Carolina Jury.
Firm Partner Heather K. Coleman successfully settled a premises liability matter at a recent mediation. The Plaintiff’s demand was $275,000, but Coleman negotiated a settlement of only $30,000 on behalf of our client.
Trent Kernodle recently tried a 4-day case in Spartanburg County on behalf of a national window manufacturer. The verdict was one tenth of the plaintiff's demand and less than the last settlement offer by defendant.
Argued the constitutionality of an incorporation statute before the Supreme Court of South Carolina.
Settled a construction defect case on behalf of the sole repair general contractor at mediation for $100,000. The case, involving approximately 20 defendants, continued to the first scheduled day of trial, by which time all remaining defendants settled for approximately $11.4 million.
Tried a personal injury case in federal court, where the jury demand was $6 million, the lowest settlement demand was $1.5 million, the highest offer was $250,000, and the verdict was $197,000, reduced by 13% for Plaintiff's comparative negligence.
Successfully argued a motion to dismiss and compel arbitration in state court in a construction defect case.
Obtained summary judgment or voluntary dismissal in four recent product liability cases.
After three days of mediation, resolved a multiparty construction defect case for a subcontractor and material supplier, which had substantial involvement in the construction of a large condominium project. The settlement paid by our client was less than $400,000; the case went to trial against the remaining defendants; and the jury returned a verdict in excess of $10 million.
Obtained summary judgment on all six causes of action in a product liability case in the Spartanburg County Court of Common Pleas.
Settled a personal injury claim out of court for $3,500, 7% of the lowest demand.
Obtained summary judgment for Defendant in the Court of Common Pleas, Horry County, South Carolina, in employment case alleging defamation, malicious prosecution, and wrongful termination.
Tried an auto accident case in federal court, which resulted in a jury verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $50,000. Plaintiff's medical damages exceeded $100,000, and the Plaintiff's demand to the jury was $1.5 million.
Tried an auto accident case in state court, which resulted in a jury verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $7,500. Plaintiff's damages exceeded $50,000, and Plaintiff's demand to the jury was $300,000. Plaintiff appealed, and the South Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the verdict.
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